I have a small collection of sites that I think would be of interest to other online casino gamblers, RTG fans, and anyone attracted to the world of casino play. Sorry, but I'm not taking any link submissions right now. This short list is just the right size, and I think it contains all the sites it needs to for now. This is just a small look at some of my favorite websites related to online casino play.Recommended

Gambling and the Law - A professor and specialist in gambling law keeps a nice collection of articles, links, and updates on any and all things related to casino law. A great source for news about the legalities of online poker, casino, and slot play.

Real Time Gaming - The official website of Real Time Gaming, my personal favorite online casino software designer.

Probability Basics - Consider this page a general primer on probability, a topic that any gambler should be at least a little familiar with. Generally, I pick the RTG games I play based on which game offers me the best odds; I wouldn't know how to do that without resources like this related to the mathematics of gambling.

Gambling Addiction - A useful resource from the US Department of Health & Human Services that should answer any questions and concerns you may have about addiction and online casino play.