I'd like to keep my privacy policy short and sweet. I think Internet privacy is important, and I take a very low-key approach.

First of all, I use an analytics program.

You should know that before you visit. Analytics simply allows us, like any other website you visit, to keep track of certain aspects of the way we run the site - we keep track of facts like how many site visitors we get, what part of the world they're from, their preferred browser and language, their IP address, and other details. Honestly this is all standard material for sites like this. I promise to only use this Privacy Policyinformation to present a better product, and not misuse it by selling it to any third party. The idea behind analytics is simply to write more informative material that addresses my audience. Analytics tools help me see how you guys got here (what words you used to find my site, for example) and helps me write a site that's more interesting for you.

Second of all, and maybe most importantly, I'm not collecting any personal data about the visitors to this site.

My associates and I at casinosrtg.net promise to never gather your personal information, including your email address and other contact details, for the purpose of selling your details to spammers. I hate getting spam and I won't further it's cause by transferring any personal details about my visitors.

Lastly, this site doesn't use cookies of any kind.

It appears that the hosting service I depend on occasionally uses cookies as part of their own Internet analytics tools, and from time to time we reserve the right to run ads that use cookies, but we do not make them a part of our site in any way. We're not into tracking your traffic by adding cookies to your computer - to be honest, we wouldn't even know what to do with that information. We're not hackers and we're not using cookies, and we're uninterested in abusing anyone's privacy policy.